"I'm not sure.... a less is more aesthetic?"


A cursory glance at the work of LA session hairstylist Ericka Verrett will give you a firm idea of just what she means when describing the way she loves to style hair.  The look is overwhelmingly natural and minimalist.  Hair is not over manipulated or otherwise disciplined into place.  Natural waves and texture are encouraged, messy bedheads nurtured, and flatirons are nowhere to be seen.  And if you do use heat, always use protectant.  Judging from her ever growing roster of A-list clients such as Miranda Kerr, Katherine Foster and Maye Musk, she is obviously hitting the right chord.  

We recently spoke with Ericka about her love of undone hair, her dislike of space buns, and how she cares her own coarse, long locks.


 Ericka Verrett interview Hair Therapie

Hair by Ericka Verrett


Tell us a little about what led you to your career as a session hairstylist.  What do you find most interesting about working with hair? 

My mother was a makeup artist/aesthetician and I basically grew up in the industry. A little salon rat, if you will. I’ll never forget the day someone told me you don’t “have” to go to school once high school ends and I took their advice.  Originally, I had wanted to do makeup but there were no “makeup” schools where I grew up. So I went to hair school and that’s where my hair story began.  

Who or what at do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to hair styling? 

I draw inspiration from the OG’s. People such as Garren, Sam McKnight, Oribe, Julian Dy’s, etc… 80s/90s fashion is what made me want to be in this industry. Nowadays, I try to get a feel for who my client is and stay true to who they are, while pushing them to have a little fun! 

What are the 5 hair commandments you live by? 

I don’t know that I have 5 to be honest. I just think less is more in most cases, and for me that resonates. When I am caring for my hair, I feel it’s best to use the most gentle products to get the best performance. 

What current hair trends do you wish would fade into oblivion?

Space buns. Please go away. 


Hair by Ericka Verrett


Your hair is long and coarse in texture.  How do you care for it?

I shampoo my hair twice a month. I tend to get it wet once a week and use a mask as my conditioner. I do not brush my hair or use any heat, letting it air dry w/ no products. This wasn’t always the case… it just works me best for my busy lifestyle and hair texture.  

What are your go-to hair products that you always take with you on set?

All of them are my “go-to’s” since I never know what I’m waking in to. I most often use mousse, gel, dry shampoo, texture spray, and finishing spray.


 Ericka Verrett interview Hair Therapie

Miranda Kerr Ericka Verrett hair
Maye Musk hair by Ericka Verrett
 Hair by Ericka Verrett


What in your opinion is the most important thing to do to maintain healthy hair?

If the goal is length, Make sure you get regular trims. If the goal is vitality, cut back on heat styling and/or always use heat protectant. 

How has your industry changed during the ‘pandemic’ and what do you do differently?

Oh boy… I could write a book but I’ll keep my mouth shut. One thing that stands out is all the waste creation.  Covid PPE & catering protocols play a huge role in all of this. It’s really heartbreaking. 




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