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The TOP HERBS to manage STRESS (and save your hair)

It is by far one of the most common hair related questions we see across our social media: my hair is falling out due to stress, what can I do?  While we are all for the common sense approaches of regular exercise and healthy eating, there exist potent medicines in the plant kingdom that can assist us greatly in dealing with everyday stressors, if taken regularly and in sufficient quantity.  Here are our top picks for managing stress and saving your hair.


While we all hear of the popularity of breast augmentation surgery, an increasing number of us are also hearing of the risks associated with this procedure which is for the most part still deemed 'safe and effective' by the FDA. Breast implant illness advocate and educator Amanda Porta is trying to raise awareness of the dangers of this surgery and how more and more people are opting to have their implants removed in order to safeguard their health.


While some of us continue to love the 'luxury' of soap and foam an increasing number of us in the skin care and now hair care space are firmly convinced of the benefits of using less soap, not more, with some foregoing the shampoo ritual altogether.  And who can blame them? Sulfates clean yes, but they do so with damage, especially over time.  So what is the awakened hair care enthusiast to do? To this we say, go mild poo.    


What would possibly draw a former professional snowboarder into the world of hair and makeup? Answer: a love for natural beauty. Meet Heidi Nymark, in demand Washington- based editorial stylist whose no-fuss aesthetic seems to be informed by and even an extension of her love of the outdoors. Green, clean beauty from the inside out is definitely her thing and when she isn't on the slopes or on an ayahuasca retreat she is prophetizing on the future of mushrooms.


Recent studies have shown us what many have suspected for quite some time: zinc is involved in so many critical bio-chemical processes and right down to the cellular level that a deficiency -even slight- can have significant and even visible health consequences. Hair enthusiasts should take note that one of these unwanted consequences is thinning hair and a poorly performing hair growth cycle, something which so many of us struggle to explain.  In the body zinc is in fact a building block of hair and a major player in protein synthesis, replication and structure.  In our never-ending quest to explain the current epidemic of hair issues, could zinc be the answer?


There are few people in the clean, green beauty space that not only truly understand the concept but who strive to take it to a whole new level. Kristi Blumstein of Khus + Khus is one of those visionaries and when you try any of the products from her plant based line you will understand why. A student of Ayurveda, Kristi has a special and profound knowledge of the power and intelligence of plants, who she calls “sentient beings”. Plants are she says “our allies” and healing can only begin once we understand how deeply interconnected we are with them. 


If you find yourself flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine you have likely come across the work of session hairstylist Ericka Verrett. Her laissez-faire approach to hair can be seen on multitudes of A-listers, from Miranda Kerr to Maye Musk.  We recently spoke with Ericka about all things hair and how her industry has changed during the pandemic.

NOTHING like the SUN

Now and especially in the time of Covid, there seems to be a consensus emerging that not only do we need the sun and Vitamin D, it is in fact essential for our very  survival.  It acts as a pain killer, mood enhancer, circadian rhythm setter, appetite regulator and even impacts our skin and hair health. And yet we are almost all deficient in this critical, live-giving hormone. You can take it in pill form but when it comes down to it, there is nothing like the sun.


Fact: human hair is 91% protein. So exactly why is everyone (for the most part) always going on about how to deliver more moisture to our strands? Shouldn’t we be also talking about protein? Yes, yes we should. Here’s the thing about moisturizing hair treatments- we do occasionally need them. Most everyone needs adequate moisture or water content for the protein fibers that make up the hair to feel soft and pliable. But we also need protein and here's why.