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Happy Maskers

  • “After using The Fortifier Mask, I couldn’t stop touching my hair - it actually feels lovely which I’m not used to. I spend a stupid amount of money on products and this mask actually worked wonders. And the SMELL...I wish I could bottle it!”

    Jen C. | London

  • “I really liked The Fortifier Mask. Right away I was really happy with the scent. It’s a completely different texture than what I’m used to. After applying it I could see how my hair was actually absorbing the product instead of it just sitting on the surface.”

    Sandra P. | Toronto

  • "I have extensions and they were feeling pretty dry and lifeless - I used the Hair Thérapie Mask and it literally brought them (and my real hair) back to life! Also... the smell of the mask. I am obsessed!"

    Meg C. | Colorado

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