Our Story

The Beginning

As founder and CEO of Hair Thérapie, Claudette has had a deep interest in health and beauty that long preceded her foray into the clean hair care market. This interest was intensified after a long period spent in Japan, where she was exposed to the Asian ideal of aesthetics and their view on how nutrition is inextricably linked to health and beauty. 

Always keen to find the best and most effective cosmetics free of unnatural ingredients and toxic additives, Claudette began writing about the importance of ‘clean beauty’ with the launch of her popular website, The Beauty Arcana in 2016. There, she would do in-depth reviews and interviews with upcoming “green” beauty brands and health experts, keen on highlighting the link between inner-wellness and outer beauty long before it became mainstream.

It was around this time that the idea for Hair Thérapie was born. A longtime fan of collagen and gelatin as a supplement, Claudette came across some literature detailing how when applied directly to the hair, gelatin could offer profound and lasting benefits in terms of repairing damaged bonds and restoring hair health. As a whole food, gelatin could effectively give strands the amino acids they needed in a bio-available and non-toxic form. Based on this research, she soon set out to develop a formula and after a year of testing and revisions, The Fortifier Gelatin hair mask was born.

A New Experience

At a time when ‘clean beauty’ seems omnipresent, there is a growing group of companies very quick to proclaim that their products are ‘natural’, ‘clean’ or simply ‘non-toxic’. However, a look at their ingredient list often tells another story. 

At Hair Thérapie, we strive to take ‘clean beauty’ to a higher level - providing not only absolute transparency about our ingredients and formula but also offering to educate about this fundamental connection between overall health and beauty.

Sharing Our Knowledge

We are committed not only to bringing you the best hair mask on the market,  but also in sharing everything we know about how to get the healthiest hair ever.