Hair Thérapie

The Intensifier Heat Cap

  • $60.00

Take your mask day to a whole new level! Our signature luxe, cordless, weighted, microwavable Intensifier Heat Cap is designed to open the cuticle - allowing for enhanced performance of our Fortifier gelatin hair treatment.  Simply place the cap in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Use to accelerate and intensify any hair treatment and add an essential element of heat and relaxation to your hair routine.

Additional uses include cordless heat for roller setting, a mini heat pack for sore muscles and an instant ice pack.

Product Details:

  • All natural, flaxseed interior 
  • Inner fabric made of plush 100% cotton microfiber 
  • Soft cotton fabric outer shell
  • Reusable, reversible, weighted
  • Available in four colors/styles

*Comes with disposable plastic caps and a custom black canvas bag for storage and travel.

Heating instructions:

Lay cap flat in a standard microwave oven (standard power 10 on most units) for 90-100 seconds until desired heat is achieved. DO NOT exceed 2 minutes heating at one time. Flip cap every 30 seconds to heat evenly. Reheat for longer treatments once cooled down. Once heated The Intensifier cap will produce 20 to 40 minutes of gentle heat and relaxation. Spot clean only. Non machine washable. 

How to use with The Fortifier hair mask:

Apply our hair mask as per instructions.  Place a disposable plastic hair cap over hair.  Next, place the warmed heat cap over the plastic hair cap (the plastic hair cap protects our heat cap and keeps it clean and dry).  Relax and let our mask and cap do the work.  Leave on hair for 20-40 minutes for best results.  Reheat the cap in the microwave as desired, not exceeding 2 minutes at a time.