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The Gentle | Protein Wash shampoo

  • $40.00

Geranium | Ylang Ylang | Patchouli



Revitalize and strengthen your strands with our gentle, medium lather and mild soap shampoo. Formulated with higher protein content to give hair thickness, volume and strength in one wash. Fortified with superfood botanicals, zinc and vitamin B5 for your healthiest hair ever.  Excellent for fine, damaged, over-processed hair or limp curls. 

Formulated for all hair types.  Safe for color treated hair.

Scented with essential oils of geranium for hair health, ylang ylang for mood and patchouli for scalp and dandruff issues. 

* Especially good for hair that is fine, little volume, unable to hold a style for very long or for strengthening curl pattern.