Hair Thérapie

The Brush

  • $69.00

The one luxury hair brush that does it all. This uniquely designed hair tool checks all the boxes in terms of functionality, design and aesthetics.  It is a styling brush, a detangling brush, a massage brush, a curl training brush, a wet brush, a dry brush, even a shampoo brush. Densely packed with bristles of varying lengths and thicknesses, it will adapt easily to any head of hair.  It is smartly weighted and balanced so that it doesn’t add too much tension. It is perfectly sized so that it does not grab too much hair at once. Durable, easy to clean and if you take care of it, it will last you forever.  Suited for all hair types.

Brush specifications:

  • 588 individual bristles
  • 4 different bristle lengths and thicknesses
  • Longest bristles are more flexible and designed to deal with surface knots or tangles
  • Medium bristles detangle at a different level and give more pressure and attention to the scalp
  • Shortest bristles are most stiff and when surface tangles are cleared will reach the scalp for even more stimulation and massage
  • Available in three metallic shades: Sakura (pink), Violet (purple) and Champagne (gold). 

How to use:

  • Multi-purpose brush that can be used on wet or dry hair, in or out of the shower
  • Unique bristle design of varying lengths and thicknesses, adapts to any hair type
  • Lightweight design means that it will not be a factor in further tugging or pulling of delicate wet strands
  • Non-slip design so that if a stubborn knot is encountered, the brush will not fly out of your hand as is the case with many palm size brushes
  • An excellent styling brush, great for dry hair
  • A blow dry brush
  • A wet curl styling, curl defining and enhancing brush
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Product details:

Dimensions: 90cm x 40cm x 35cm

Material: Plastic and Nylon